July 9, 2012

DIY Magazine Rack For Under $5!

Sometimes the ideas that my boyfriend comes up with just amazing me. This is a magazine holder from Target that we picked up awhile ago, it only cost $1. I am always checking out the new $1 items they have , you can really find some good stuff. Well I threw some magazines in it and tossed it on the bathroom floor. Keith grabbed it, held it up to the wall where there was a nail available and quickly made this magazine holder even better!

Simply use some rope, any kind as long as it is thick. If you use nylon like we did it will stretch more and allow books and magazines of all sizes. Thread it through and tie a knot at both ends, prop it on the wall with a nail and you're done! Easy magazine holder for less than $5! 

Have you done any cheap and easy crafts lately? Leave a link the comment so I can check them out! Repin if you like this!
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