November 12, 2011

Our Halloween Photo

A few days ago we FINALLY took our Halloween Photo. I had my mom use my camera, which made a lot of the pictures not turn out :(, but we were able to have a few to pick from and I am happy to show you our Halloween photo!

Isn't it adorable!!! That sexy Daddy set all of it up! I am so proud of him to know that we can do our own thing without having to pay a ton of money. We took quite a few photos from the day, here are a few that were my favorites.

We set Korey up for his own photos to give to his Great-Grandma as a special treat. He did good for a while but then started to lean so we stopped.

Minus me hating how I look in this (ALOT) I thought this turned out cute too.

After the pictures I just had them sit down and play with each other. These were for Keith's Grandmother. I don't know if I will ever be able to meet her and I want to see this happiness that I get to see every day.

Next up we get Christmas photos!!

Did you have Halloween photos taken? Professionally or DIY?

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