June 28, 2012

Turn Your Photographs Into Works Of Art With CameraBag 2 Software Review and Giveaway (MAC and PC)

Do you like to edit your photos but don't have a lot of time to learn how to use special tools or take a photography class just to understand all the ways you can customize your photos? How would you like a program that is simple for you to use but still gives photos high quality looks. Nevercenter brings you to the power of editing photos with ease, with CameraBag 2.

"With CameraBag 2, you don't have to know what look you want to get started. CameraBag 2 lets you see all the possibilities at once: old-school instant film or modern high-contrast portrait, subtle color adjustment or complete artistic overhaul. Choose from side-by-side comparisons with the fullscreen Quicklooks, or get large, instant previews on mouseover; the emphasis is on creative exploration. Once you've chosen a filter, its components are all in the tray to tweak and adjust non-destructively with large, interactive sliders. The Remix slider in particular brings back the "happy accidents" of analog film, smoothly transitioning between infinite natural variations for each style."

Key Features
- Choose from 100+ built-in styles and filters, or create and share your own.
- Full suite of 25+ manual photographic tools including advanced curve editors.
- Stunning new interface.
- State-of-the-art image processing via the all-new Analog Engine.
- Add any look you create to the toolset as a fully-adjustable filter.
- 32-bits-per-component color depth.
- Non-destructive editing (active history).
- Easy layering of styles and adjustments.
- Quicklooks and hover previews for visual decision-making.
- The Remix slider, which smoothly transitions between endless variations.
- Large, precise controls.
- Laptop-friendly design.
- Batch saving.
- RAW format and metadata support.

So how easy it is to use? VERY! You simply load the photo you want to edit and you can quickly select from the many style options they have created or you can mix and match however many styles you want! This program is able to help you get the look that you want from your photo with ease.

Here is a picture that I made with CameraBag 2:

This picture has the following different effects:
RGB Curve
Color Corrector

And I made this with only a few clicks! It is easy to deselect effects that you don't find flattering as well. Each one has an X that you can click and it will erase that effect. With CameraBag 2 you can see your photo side by side with the outcome of the effects placed on it in full screen Quicklooks mode. You can crop and resize just like normal photo apps, but go wild with your imagination and with the effects! CameraBag 2 retails for $29 for PC or $24 for MAC.

This is the perfect gift for your favorite photographer in the family, or even the novice. With easy to control sliders for each filter you will get the look you want without the hassle of having to understand codes or make layers. Take the guess work out of editing and just get to the point with CameraBag 2! Turn those graduation, wedding or even birth photos into works out art your family will cherish for years to come.

Check out the video to see more of what you can do with the program:

Three lucky readers are going to have the chance to win their own full copy of CameraBag 2! Follow CameraBag 2 below and fill out the Rafflecopter form. Here is a peak at more photos that I made using CameraBag 2 app!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received product to test and facilitate for this review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own expect those used from Press Release.

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