May 7, 2012

What Should I Be Teaching My Son?

I'm not trying to brag when I write this post, just want to get that out there. My son is learning things so quickly, things he is even teaching himself every day. He now says "Kitty, Doggy, Spongebob, Hi,Bye,Daddy, Dad,Mom,Mommy,Baba", and most of that he learned in two days. He understands so much that we say now too! He loves toys with wheels on them, things that go in and out of each other and musical toys.

So now my question is with him learning things so quickly what should I be trying to teach him? Should sharing, colors, numbers, people's names, or an ability like stacking be what is next? I really don't know. 

What did you try to teach your child after they turned one?

Here's some toys I'm thinking about picking up for him to learn new things.

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  1. Children are sponges and soak up so much information. Blocks are amazing and in my house, they are king.
    Magnet words are wonderful because my all 3 of my children can learn and create words together

  2. My little girl just turned two. I spent the last year singing to her. She has learned the alphabet, counting to 15, days of the week, and more by singing with me. I have even made up my own words to tunes that are familiar to teach her.

  3. My 19 month old loves the Mega bloks as well as wooden blocks. He has picked up so many words in the past couple months - I would say he knows about 50. Most of it has just been us talking to him about what we are doing, where we are going, etc.

    Numbers have been easier for him to learn than colors have been (he knows 1-6 but only green and purple).