May 15, 2012

LashFood Nano-Peptide Natural Eyelash Conditioner 4 Week Review

It has been about four weeks since my first Bloom Ambassador box arrived, and four weeks since I started using LashFood Natural Eyelash Conditioner

The purpose behind LashFood Natural Eyelash Conditioner is to give you fast results with all natural ingredients. The key ingredients in this eyelash conditioner are nano-peptide complex, arginine, biotin, active natural eyelash stimulants, soy protein, ginkgo biloba, performance herb extracts. The reason it is faster acting is due to the higher concentration of the nano-peptide complex ingredient, this is what gives you the fastest results! Longer, thicker lashes from natural ingredients.

You can see how I started out at the first day. I do have quite good lashes I think, but sometimes I want them thicker, to give an appearance like I am wearing false lashes without having to. Nothing I hate more than applying mascara and it looks like I have thin wispy lashes.

After 3 weeks I took another picture to see the results.

After 3 weeks you can see that all my lashes have grown quite longer. I like that my smallest lashes are little whimps anymore, their buffed up thanks to LashFood Nano-Peptide Natural Eyelash Conditioner. No longer do I really worry about using lengthening mascara, I have a lot of length now! The last picture featured is what I'm currently wearing, this is one month after using LashFood.

If you have problem lashes that you've been looking for a way to solve I highly suggest checking out the line of LashFood products for lashes. I have sensitive eyes and I never experienced any side effects after putting it on. You want to apply this nightly to clean skin, apply it to your eyelids just like you would mascara, use on top only. In the morning you can apply this before applying your mascara and eyeliner.

Disclaimer: I received this product in my April Bloom Ambassador box. I was not compensated in any other way for my review of this product. 

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  1. Awesome! I like the idea of natural over false any day!

  2. I also love the natural look. Beautiful!

  3. Congrats for the nice results, you've made the right choice!