April 2, 2012

Simply Bath Salts Review & Giveaway

Sometimes I just need a really good bath to help me relax. Close the door, have the boyfriend watch the kids and I have nothing to worry about for 45 minutes. Thanks to Simply Bath Salts you can choose from a variety of oils and create your own blend, and this is offered at no additional charge! 

Say maybe you're not really great at choosing blends but you know what scents you like. Simply Bath Salts can offer you advise on what blends really work great and help you steer away from ones that do not.  Now what's really great about Simply Bath Salts is that they have their own blend of Dead Sea Salt, Atlantic Sea Salt, and Epsom Salt. The size and texture of the granules creates a pleasing texture.

I will say though the thing that I like most about Simply Bath salts is that they individually hand pack salts the day of the order when ordered on www.simplybathsalts.com and put that date on the package. They products never sit on the shelf in a hot warehouse causing you to have old products. You get your very own handled with care package delivered right to your door!

For review I received the Lavender scent, and I was surprised as soon as the package arrived. The size of the product is phenomenal. For $12.99 you receive 24oz. bag of bath salts. This is a great size and can last you quite a bit. If you have a lot of people in the house it allows for many baths to be enjoyed and no one can complain that they didn't get any! 

I decided to use these on one particular night when I felt like all I did all day was say 'No please stop doing that'. Whether it was to a baby or the puppy I was just so tired of being on my toes all day. Keith agreed to watch the two babies and let me enjoy my bath.

I ran the water and added the Simply Bath Salts, I watched as they slowly melted away and enjoyed the smell of the Lavender that filled my bathroom. I felt like I was walking through a floral wooded area. The peace that was brought with that bath is something I really needed that day.

Now I thought getting out the bath here I would find myself all covered in oils and having a hard time drying myself. Thankfully to the care that was put into Simply Bath Salts I felt my skin actually moisturized and not greasy. And I get to share the pleasure of a Simply Bath Salts bath with one of you! One lucky winner will receive a package of Simply Bath Salts in their chosen scent. Only open to US.

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