April 10, 2012

Medela Calma The Breastfeeding Bottle Review

That sweet little face is that of Savannah Lee, the daughter of my best friend and other half of this blog, Alicia. When Alicia was pregnant she came to me and asked me many questions, which I loved because I already went through raising my baby and I knew I could help her with most things she needed to know. One of her most asked questions was 'Which bottle should I use if I still want to breastfeed?' . Well that was a difficult question for me to answer at the time because as we all know new bottles are released all the time.

So off I went on a search to find Alicia the perfect breastfeeding bottle, one that would allow her to switch between the breast and bottle without confusion or frustration. And that was when I stumbled upon the Medela Calma.  I knew Medela was a great company for breast pumps, but I never knew they made a bottle. Knowing the great knowledge and importance they put on breastfeeding I knew this had to be the bottle for Alicia!

Here is the experience using the bottle from Alicia. 

I am lucky enough to have breastfeeding go extremely well from the start with my daughter, Savannah. I give so much of the credit to her being a smart baby and knowing exactly what to do. However I knew I was going to be quite a busy mother and would not always be able to feed her directly from the breast. I was worried that I would have to spend a lot of money on different bottles to find the perfect one. Thankfully Ashleigh came to me with the Medela Calma.

The first thing that I learned about the bottle was that it only used one size nipple, at first I didn't understand why then she explained to me that just like breastfeeding has only one nipple size so does the bottle. I loved this idea of keeping the bottle as close to breastfeeding as possible! I did worry that Savannah may choke when first using the bottle, I thought that maybe the milk just came straight out (blame that one of being a new mother!) but that was not the case at all!

I know Savannah's pattern pretty well while she is on the breast, and she was able to keep the same pattern, breathe, pause, suck, all with no problem on the Medela Calma. Watching her father be able to interact and feed her brought some tears to my eyes, he was finally able to take part in something that I was only able to provide for her! I've caught quite a few good naps while using the bottle as well.

When it came time to cleaning the bottle I was a little nervous, one that I would clean it all right and two that I would be able to put it back together! The Medela Calma comes with a multi-lid top that prevents spillage and also keeps the milk clean while transporting it. The nipple attaches to the the part that contains the milk flow hole, which allows milk to flow through the hole when a vacuum is created. Then those are attached to the lid which attaches to the base of the bottle. After cleaning these parts I was able to quickly and correctly put them back together with no headache!

Doesn't she look like a little doll when she sleeps?
 You can purchase the Medela Calma Breastfeeding Set at a store near you, use the Where To Buy search option. Thank you Medela for making life a little easier for this new mom!

Disclosure: Alicia received the Medela Calma to use in exchange for her honest review, all opinions from her and me are our own statements. Thank you to PR and Medela for providing the product.
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  1. this looks like a great feeding bottle. Hubby wants another baby so i will keep this in mind when we have another :)

  2. Oh, what a beautiful experience and baby! I had to pump with my first son due to working and I wish I had these to try back then!

  3. What a precious face! I have always associated Medela with breastpumps too, I didn't know they made bottles. I'm sure that makes it convenient if you can pump directly into the bottle too.

  4. such a beauty! i didn't know medela made bottles either! thanks for the review.
    (mary michaud)