April 29, 2012

#gifts4mom Mother's Day Event Sponsor GlitzSee Motion Activated Purse Light!

You ever have the point where you're digging in the bottom of your purse using your fingers for sight? Usually I'm looking for Korey's binky and he's screaming his head off but I can't see what I'm looking for. All that is behind me now thanks to GlitzSee Motion Activated Purse Light!

According to GlitzSee:
GlitzSee, made of the highest quality durable acrylic, is battery operated with a motion-activated sensor. Once switched on, the light shines brightly for 15 seconds. For additional time, just shake again and voila . . . there is light! Created with a hook to hang from a purse or attach to an ID, GlitzSee is ideal to use whenever a “glow in the dark” is needed – a key into a lock, finding a dropped item, or lighting a darkened pathway.

I love how easy it is to use! Just flip the switch on, put it in your purse and when you need to find something, shake it! At first I didn't think the amount of light would be enough to actually find something but it's quite bright. Watch the video below for more details about the GlitzSee

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  1. I love that silly little thing! Cannot wait until tomorrow to sign up for the giveaway.