April 5, 2012

Get Your Body In Gear With Spartan Race

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spartan Race. All opinions are 100% mine.


How many times do you find yourself saying 'I want to workout but it's just to hard' or 'There are no fun ways to get me into shape' . Well put those feelings aside because I want to introduce you to the latest set race that will get you from couch potato to proud participant!

 Spartan Race is a new obstacle race series that has a variety of different courses you can choose from to sign up for. The best part is that these are all over different communities, so you can choose what obstacle course is best for you and partake with your community! You know those friends who are always commenting about wanting to do something different and fun? Invite them along!

You don't have to look at this as something impossible, in fact this obstacle course is meant for the whole family! The creators want you to have fun with your friends and family and get down and dirty! Or you could just opt do to a sprint race, your Spartan Race is entirely up to you!

The name Spartan may scare you but don't worry! That name is chosen because Spartans were elite fierce warriors with no fear, and that is what this obstacle race is meant to do. Take away your fear and make you conquer all those self doubts you had about yourself.

There isn't a Spartan Race close to me this year but hearing about this is making me pumped and I am hoping to see one close to me next year! So now that I know about Spartan Race I am going to start running and getting a good speed down. When that Spartan Race comes near me I will conquer that baby!

Do you have any fitness goals that you feel you haven't been able to accomplish or looking for something fun to do? Sign up for a Spartan Race in a city near you and tell me how you did! I want all my readers to kick some major butt! Have more questions that you would like answered check out the FAQs. Then find the closest race to you and sign up!

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