April 15, 2012

Counting Down The Days Til Korey Turns 1

I haven't really blogged about Korey's upcoming first birthday, April 26th. I don't know if it's because I've been busying trying to get everything together, or if I just don't want to think of my first child turning 1 quite yet. It has been so surreal every day that it is getting closer, picking out the theme (Yo Gabba Gabba), setting the time, inviting every one. Each piece of putting this party together hurts my heart a little bit. 

I have completely giving up the fact that I can't change Korey ageing. No amount of watching Harry Potter will train me to learn that spell. Admitting the fact that someday I will not be around anymore to see Korey was what made me realize my role as a parent. I need to raise a well educated, well mannered, happy and full of love and life child. As long as Korey is excited about life and all the possibilities he can accomplish, I believe that my job as a good parent will be done.

I know this is just one year of many, but I feel that it's special because of how much he accomplished in just one year. He went from being completely dependent on me for food and just crying to communicate to grabbing my hand and walking to his high chair when he's hungry. I'm tearing up now just writing this. My baby is turning into a little boy being so independent more and more. The day he says I love you, oh the ambulance will be called to put my heart back together after it melts. 

Bring on the birthday party.
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  1. The baby is so.....cute.It's fully depend on it's parents.Parents secrifies is great.

  2. Aww! My son is turning 2 soon, and it is tearing me up. He really isn't a baby anymore, he is a kid!

    I think the fun of the party helps. It really helped me with the bitter sweetness of my baby turning 1.

  3. Enjoy him while he is young. Mine will be 15 in a few months. Time flies too quickly!