March 28, 2012

Organic All Natural Conceived By Nature Hair Products Review

 Most of us know about Mane 'n Tail and are very familiar with the wonders those products bring to your hair. Well the makers of Mane 'n Tail, Straight Arrow, have a new all natural line of hair products for you to try. 

Conceived By Nature is an all natural line of shampoos and conditioners that come in a variety of different scents, Citrus, Rosemary, and Lavender. Each one sets out to help your hair in different ways, whether it be moisturizing, fortifying, or nourishing. 

For review I was sent the Moisturizing Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner. Here are the benefits of the shampoo and conditioner according to the website:

  • Citrus oils combined with essential oils, herbs, and vitamins gently cleanses while rejuvenating dull, dry neglected hair to replenish, restore and keep hair soft, strong and shiny.
  • Citrus oils blended with green tea extract are natural antioxidants that help detoxify for healthier hair and scalp combined with aloe, vitamins B5 and E that provide additional moisture and healing.
  • Uniquely balanced formula that not only provides incredible performance, leaving you feeling uplifted, cleaner, and healthier for a truly natural, multi-sensory experience during your shower.
  • Safe and gentle for all hair types.

Now first let me start off with the scent, as a citrus scent I was worried that there would be too much lemon. Whenever I smell lemon my mouth immediately makes the sour face because I relate it to the taste. This is a perfect blend of lemon and lime to bring a nice light refreshing citrus smell that actually woke me up! We all can relate to that tired feeling when taking a shower, you know the one where you want to get an air mattress and just fall asleep in the warm water. Or maybe that's just me in the morning. ;)

I have really thick hair so some shampoos just don't work for me. If they are too soapy they don't stay long on my hair and just slide down the drain and therefore are useless. This shampoo has just enough thickness to it that it can sink really good down to my scalp and help lather up all my hair. It also isn't difficult to get out of my hair, it rinses out very well leaving no residue behind. 

Next up was the Moisturizing Citrus Conditioner. With conditioner I only use it on my ends, which look like they've been beating by a broom all the time. My thick hair pretty much explodes at the bottom and poofs naturally, it's not very pretty. I let the conditioner soak in my ends for about 3 minutes. The smell of the conditioner matched the shampoo perfectly which I love! I cannot tell you how many different shampoo and conditioner sets I have bought that didn't match each other.

The thickness of the conditioner was perfect as well. I like to think of conditioner as a temporary mask for your hair, it should be able to seal your hair and protect it as it does its magic. After rinsing the conditioner out I already noticed how easy it was for my to just run my hands through my hair. My hair really did feel moisturized and easy to manage.

I lightly blow dried my hair, as with thick hair if you put too much heat on it it will again, explode.  Even with the heat on my hair it still stayed shiny, together, and felt very soft almost like silk. I love when my hair feels like that!

If you are looking for an all natural alternative to your current shampoo and conditioner I highly suggest checking out the new line Conceived By Nature, from the makers of Mane 'n Tail. You can use their store locator to find the closest store to you , or purchase them online for $8.99 each.

Which line from Conceived By Nature would you try first?

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  1. This would be perfect for my thick hair too.. It takes forever to rinse the shampoo!! thanks for sharing

  2. I need a new conditioner to try! I love citrus scents so i would go for those.

  3. Oh! I'm sure your bathroom smells amazing!

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