March 3, 2012

Lady Soma All Natural Skincare Products

My softs hands and I want to introduce you to Lady Soma. Their line of skincare products and supplements are made with women in mind and helping us keep a healthy and active lifestyle. Here is a little background information about the company :

Our Begininng

Lady Soma solely focuses on the women’s body. We created a strict line, to enable women to find the best solutions to their feminine and personal issues, whether it be for her body or skin. The word “soma” comes from the Greek language meaning “body”. Throughout history, the Mediterranean food and culture, rich in fresh fruits, olive oil, vegetables, fish and whole grains, has been known to be the epitome of health. Scientists have known for decades that people who eat these foods have lower rates of heart disease, cancer and other health issues.

We have developed a line for a woman that strictly focuses on internal and external demands of the body. Here, women, in confidence, can email us or ask our representatives about their complex and personal hygiene issues; while being assisted by an educated and trained representative.  You will find all our telephone and email representatives to be fully knowledgeable in all our product lines. 

I am so grateful that there is a company that keeps women in mind with products that are geared towards us. These products deliver nothing less than specific attention to us women. I was sent the Skin & Nail Treatment to test out and received the surprise of their mint tingle lip balm, which is currently not for sale yet but it is fantastic!

There is a small  but not heavy scent to the Skin & Nail Treatment which is great. I liken the smell to sugar cookies!  I love that because my boyfriend does not like heavy scents in hand lotions and he uses mine because of his rough hands from work. It is a thicker cream but blends in well and doesn't take a lot of product to get the needed relief of moisture to your dry skin. No greasy feeling, but a great blend of silky smoothness with moisture. Perfect for cuticles! It gives them a nice shine.

As a 4 oz. jar I thought it would not be enough to use on my body but after seeing how little I had to use to get my desired effect I am happy to say there is plenty! With ingredients like organic herbs, aloe vera, and cocoa butter this is a product that aims to help your skin and your wallet. You can pick up your own jar of Skin & Nail Treatment at Lady Soma online for $15 right now.

This and all of the great products at Lady Soma are made in the USA. How great is that? You can contact Lady Soma through their contact form, Facebook, Twitter and you can sign up for their Newsletter to stay up to date on the latest from Lady Soma, at the bottom of the page.
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  1. I love thicker creams for my hands and nails and am glad to hear this isn't greasy! That's the worst.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am into the All-Natural products lately. Scared of what can be in other products. I will check this out!

  3. This skin care line looks awesome! I need to check this out. Your review makes me want to order it:)

  4. Great review! I hate greasy lotions and creams so I will have to check this one out :) that lip balm sounds amazing!

  5. This sounds great!!! Living in New England and all the bad weather, my hands never look very good. Maybe this will help!!!