February 4, 2012

Making A Play Area In Your Living Room!

If you live in an apartment like we do, and the bedrooms are only for sleeping in, you probably have a problem figuring out an area for your child to play in. Our solution for quite sometime was just dropping a whole bunch of toys all over the living room floor so we could watch Korey and make sure he was fine. While this sounds easy, it certainly wasn't convenient to try and put away all the toys, and many times I didn't. Tripping on them in the dark put me to my boiling point.

Finally the other day I notice my boyfriend starts moving things around the room, grabbing Korey's floor mats and before I know it there is a play area for the baby! Click the picture and it will get larger! 

You can see that we have his tables and other large electronic toys creating the barrier of his play area and his floor mats allow him to play on the floor without sliding on the tiles. Who would have thought that it would take less than 30 minutes to set up a simple play area for the baby to make it much safer at night for mommy to walk around.

Does your child have a specific place to play in the house? Was it difficult for you to figure out the first time?
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