February 22, 2012

The Influence Of Social Media On Small Business and PR

Chances are today that this is just one of the many hundred pages that you will come across through the internet today. As a blogger that posts reviews I like to look for companies that many people may not have heard of, especially home based businesses. When selecting these people to contact I always research to see if anything negative has been posted before I continue.

I have heard of so many businesses lately going under because of bad ethical decisions made. One recently was the shop owner out right kicking a disabled child out of their store. As far as I know now, that shop is out of business. It's decisions like that and having the victim post them via social media that really affect your consumers. 

If you were to purchase your favorite makeup online from a shop owner would you continue knowing that they made public homophobic or racist remarks? When you open your own business you open yourself up as well. Now with social media it is easier for your consumers to find you behind the shop and follow your Twitter or blog and what you say can hurt or improve your business.

The same can be said with some PR. Did you promise an item to a blogger and then fall off the face of the earth?  Not only did you just hurt your reputation now the company is questionable. You will do no good trying to find reviewers if you are known for no follow through. Often the group of bloggers you are looking to get have a tight knit connection and let others know who to steer away from.

However social media can have a great positive affect if you allow it. Do you throw samples in with your orders? Leave nice thank you notes? How well put together is the products you are sending to be reviewed? Do you thank the blogger and leave an insightful comment about their blog?

If you can leave a positive impact on that one customer or that one blogger, word will travel. Everyone loves to be happy and satisfied and share that with everyone they know. A simple 140 character positive review is just moments away, if you put forth the effort.

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  1. Interesting perspective - you're right though - as soon as you start living on the web you become part of the giant fishbowl - your movements, thoughts and actions live forever in social networking and on the web...
    definitely food for thought!

  2. It's amazing how fast word travels among private circles. And when someone does something unacceptable the word flies even faster in warning.

  3. Definitely something to think about.

  4. Nothing like living in a glass house!!
    Interesting info... =)

  5. I think businesses both big and small really need to pay attention to the power of social media. Word of mouth advertising has always been one of the greatest forms of marketing, and social media allows us to do it on a much grander scale. Treat customers well, and they'll talk about it. Likewise, treat them crappy, and everyone on the planet will know about it!

  6. I hate it when you work with a company that drops off the face of the Earth. Its like hummm hello dont you understand that your just shooting yourself in the foot?!?!?!

  7. I agree. A little effort goes a long way and I'm more than happy to praise a company, big or small. This reminds me that I need to send a twitter shoutout to my local Lowe's store for a great customer service experience I had recently. I'd much rather praise than complain, but if a company does something blatantly wrong, I'm compelled to share that too. And as a review/giveaway blogger, I also seek smaller companies and continue to give them my business if I had a good experience with them during my review.

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