February 17, 2012

A Good Excuse To Eat Chocolate; True Healthy Products Review


The next time you're eating chocolate give yourself a pat on the back for eating something healthy! I was lucky enough to be able to review a few products from True Healthy Products , and two of them included chocolate.

*Benefits of chocolate:

  • Lowers daily stress and tension
  • Increases mental alertness and focus
  • Lowers PMS irritability
  • Promotes improved personal relationships
  • Reduces Sugar Cravings
  • Tastes like the finest, luxury chocolate

The Doctors Chocolate and True Healthy Dark Chocolate are two fantastic items from True Healthy Products. Bringing health and chocolate together is a yes for anyone who has some sweet cravings. These items will do more than just satisfy your sweet tooth, they will also help your health.

The Doctors Chocolate:
With a nice raspberry covered in dark chocolate, The Doctors Chocolate contains only 20 calories, and 3 carbohydrates per serving. There has been quite the bit of research for the benefits of chocolate to your health. The Doctors Chocolate was made to help lower tress levels and provide a healthy alternative to snacks.

You have ready countless times on how stressed out I am. I have anxiety and PTSD, I am always finding myself over anxious and stressed about everything. I do not take any medications currently so nothing influenced the effectiveness of the chocolate for me. I can honestly say that at my most stressful levels after eating a bite of chocolate and taking a breather I felt calm and clear headed. 

When this chocolate arrived I told my boyfriend what the benefits of the chocolate were meant for and his job was to hand me one when he noticed I was stressing out. Now as much as I wanted to sometimes shove the chocolates back in his face when I was stressed, he was doing what I asked and I was thankful for that.  Usually without any help when I became to stressed out you would find me in the bedroom crying within 20 minutes. However with the chocolate I was am to concentrate on eating it, enjoying it, realizing that I was stressed and take a step back. 

The taste is fantastic, dark chocolate raspberry truffle and no funny taste with it being quite low in sugar. As soon as you open the bag you can smell it. Each one is wrapped individual so they are easy to take with you and store at work or keep in your purse when you're going out and feel you might get anxious. 

You can purchase your own bag for $49.95 with 65 pieces of chocolate in each bag, there is currently a special that is for a limited amount of time, you get 2 bags of The Doctors Chocolate for the price of one!

True Healthy Dark Chocolate:
  • Are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols
  • Will help stabilize blood sugar
  • Contain no sugar and no artificial sweeteners, sweetened with Xylitol
  • Help keep hunger pains away
  • Are safe for diabetics and children
Can you believe chocolate without sugar? I know what you're asking yourself, how does it taste?, let me answer that for you. With each of these little bars of chocolate that contain no sugar, I fell in love. Nice smooth dark chocolate that can trick anyone into thinking it is high in sugars. Again there is no funny taste in this, we all know that most of the candies made without sugar are hard to get use to. We're programmed to want that sugar taste and without it everything tastes disgusting. Not the case with True Healthy Dark Chocolate. 

Here is some more information about True Healthy Dark Chocolate from the website:
True Healthy Dark Chocolate is a true “Functional Food”. A “Functional Food” is any food intentionally designed to lower the risk of, or delay the onset of, certain diseases, or otherwise provide a health benefit as a result of either adding or removing certain substances from the food. True Healthy Dark Chocolate is a functional food for the following reasons: 1. Sugar-less; 2. Xylitol sweetened; 3. Low temperature processing (preserves anti-oxidants normally destroyed); 4. Organic ingredients (>70%) (eliminates various toxic chemical residues); 5. Added special herbs (to provide specific health benefits).

This is the chocolate to replace all of your other chocolates. Get your girlfriends over watch a movie, have a few chocolates and enjoy yourselves! We all worry about the calories after we eat things, we don't even have to let that cross your mind with the delicious True Healthy Dark Chocolate. 

You can purchase your own bag of True Healthy Dark Chocolate for $49.95 with 30 pieces in the bag.

Whole 9 Shakes:
  • *Improved Heart Health
  • *Prolonged Longevity and Anti-Aging
  • *Fortified Bones and Muscles
  • *Increased Energy
  • *Strengthened Immune System
  • *Optimal Nutrient Absorption
  • *Enhanced Digestion and Intestinal Health
I am always in the habit of forgetting to eat breakfast. Usually I end up getting myself busy with something and before I know it, lunch time has arrived. Then I am shoving everything in my mouth and find myself stuffed. If I  had something for breakfast I would have been less hungry along the day. Thanks to Whole 9 Shakes I am able to simply make myself a drink with enough fruits and vegetables in it to get me through the day and carry myself into lunch. 

More information about Whole 9 shakes from the website:
Instead of synthetic, chemical, or fractionated vitamins usually found in supplements, Activz Whole 9 contains organic, fresh fruits and vegetables that are picked at the peak of nutrient values, and then carefully handled during each stage of production to maintain nutritional integrity. Even the delicate, life-sustaining micronutrients, trace minerals, and phytochemicals are still intact, including their physiological functions or providing optimal digestion, absorption, and utilization of all vitamins and minerals, as well as aid in the defense against serious disease.

I tried these shakes with just water and they still tasted fantastic. I did left one sit a bit and it didn't taste very well. I would recommend drinking them as soon as possible after mixing them. This was a perfect replacement of no meal at all for me and I didn't over eat at lunch.

You can purchase you own Whole 9 Shakes for $69.95 on the website.

True Healthy Products has a variety of different health and dietary products. Something to suit everyone's needs! 
*Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please note that I am not supporting any statements made on behalf of True Healthy Products, only those opinions and statements I have made. I was compensated with products for this review, this did not change my honest opinions.

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  1. My kids would love this, and as a bf mama this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These sound tasty and they're a stress reliever? Excellent!

  3. I am a chocolate addict...haha...so I really appreciated reading this post!!! I am more of a milk chocolate person, but I completely respect that dark chocolate is the better choice!!!

  4. I am with - I am chocolate addict though

  5. I've been munching through my bar of dark chocolate this week; now I have an excuse ;)