February 2, 2012

Accidental Homemade KFC Chicken?

You know by now how much we love making our own food and coming up with different recipes.  Well the other night we knew we were having skinless chicken breasts, this meant they were to be coated in something. Into the pantry we went and there was a box of cornbread crackers. Instantly I notice the light bulb over my boyfriends head and I know that now is the time for me to head out of the kitchen.

Yes I actually don't partake in much of the preparing of the foods. Give me the steaming bags and off the microwave I go, yes you can occasionally find me actually boiling the veggies or stirring something that came out of a bag or box, but that's it. Off he was making his cornbread chicken and I made green beans, stuffing and potatoes. When he opened the oven it smelled like KFC. We both looked at each other and freaked out.

I no longer eat KFC. I've seen to many of their cruelty videos and I just can't do it anymore. Their brand is now associated with torture to me and nothing is going to change that anymore regardless of whether they do it or not. Giving the chance to finally smell something familiar to KFC and having it homemade made me drool.

 Here is his plate, mine was much smaller than that, but he can eat anything and never gain a pound! Yes ladies I am completely jealous of him, but his cooking skills are FANTASTIC!

He wants to try to make this again so the recipe will be coming soon. For now I will just leave you to drool.
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  1. That is awesome!! can't wait to see the recipe. I must say the KFC by me hasn't been all that good lately anyways.

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  3. Yummy! Thanks look great! KFC is so good, but I never eat there either. It is so not good for a person!

  4. yum Thanks for sharing! That looks good you are making me hungry!

  5. I need that recipe! I love KFC but hate the tummy ache that results from it plus the cost.

  6. Hello!
    This looks amazing!
    I found you through the Alexa Blog Hop over at Racing and Saving Momma's blog. I'm following you. :)

  7. Looks yummy, and the best part-someone else made it for you.
    Stopping by from Alexa Drop Hop

  8. Looks & sounds delicious!
    Ditto on the KFC cruelty, plus Tyson is another one I refuse to buy.
    Kudos to you for honoring your ethics ! :D

    We've discovered Morning Star in the freezer section and they make AWESOME
    nuggets and strips, plus their *chicken* patties taste better than the *real* thing lol

  9. looks delicious! can't wait for the recipie!

  10. looks very yummy!!

  11. I'm always stuck on news ways to prepare boneless chicken breast...definitely going to try this!

  12. Yum, that looks delicious!!
    I just tried the new Fresh Takes on chicken breast and it was a huge hit. No leftovers, even my picky eater wanted seconds!

  13. OMG, please give me this recipe! It looks amazing! It's funny I ran into this since my sister recently sent me a link to a horrible article about KFC :(

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