January 26, 2012

Why Parents Need To Be On YouTube

With me being a young mother I guess I have a better advantage with today's youth. I know more of what they are probably doing in high school, where they might be on weekends, and how they can get drugs and alcohol. However I also know how their communicating, and they are being loud and putting their voices out there, but you may be missing it.

One of the biggest trends on YouTube is young kids and teens telling their "secrets", many are filled with pain and you can tell they want someone there for them and to be there for other peoples. Regardless of your age, your children's age or whether you have them or not. Please understand that this youth is trying to communicate to us "older" people and their parents. We just have to try and listen.

Please. All I ask of you is to figure out how your child is trying to talk to you and listen.
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  1. Powerful post. I imagine to some extent it is a good thing that there are so many methods for them to try to communicate and like you said, we just have to listen.

  2. Sometimes the loudest they are talking is when they are silent.

  3. The only thing I can is - OMG
    It is amazing and scary at the same time