January 13, 2012

Very BIG Thank You to Sears!

If you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you don't know about this and that and my sadness. Well let me tell you I no longer have to wait to get  new one! With my contacting Sears about my problem they QUICKLY told me to DM them and I received an email later that day to leave my phone number and would be contacted.

Now I knew that it would probably take awhile. After all they assigned someone specific to my case and I just imagined that she had tons of people to contacting and other work to do. Well this morning I received that call and we talked about my problem, the minor injury that my boyfriend received. She let me know that I will be covered with a gift card to buy myself a new one, this makes for a happy baby since that is how most of his food is made, and we will be able to make the recipes that we have been saving!

Thank you Sears for the prompt customer service!

Have you ever had a good or bad customer service experience?
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