January 20, 2012

Kristine's Shower is THE Place to be. Review

If you looked around my place you would see bath stuff everywhere! I collect them like a hoarder and slowly I am trying to dwindle down my items. Well now that may be over after finding out about Kristine's Shower

Here is a small background of Kristine's Shower.
  I've been in business since March 2002 and have always done business the same old same old!  This year, I really wanted to do something different, so I am reaching out to the masses (bloggers like you!), to see if I can get my business nudged up to the next level!
Like I said, I've been in business for about 10 years now - I have over 350 wholesale accounts across the US and Canada and about 5,000 retail customers.  Chances are if you've tried a bathbomb - it was probably made by Me!, Lush, Basin or me lol.

First let me tell you that I do not care how amazing store bought items are, nothing compares to homemade items. I love knowing that care and passion went into products I purchase. Now when the box arrived I was excited to be able to try whatever was inside. That was the most fun part, I had no idea what to expect! With a scent list this long, there had to be something I liked.

She has Bath Bombs and I was so excited to see those! If you have never tried one I highly suggest you start with hers, they are so beautiful and I love watching bath bombs dissolve! Back to the box, I opened it and the smell was intoxicating. There was a little hint of everything. Inside I found a Shea Butter Bomb, GingerAmber Soap, and Aloe Vera Body Whip.

I loved the look of the bath bomb, it was mint green and white with specks of blue. It smelt fantastic too. By the size of it I knew it was going to get a lot out of it. I popped it in the tub and watched it slowly start to fizz and dissolve. This was my favorite part because it took awhile for it be completely dissolved, to me this means it has good quality products in it. The bath turned a minty green color which I don't think showed up well in my picture below.

I could totally feel the Shea butter when I climbed in. I felt wrapped in warm silk and like I never wanted to leave. There wasn't a scent from the bath itself which was expected with Shea butter. After I got out of the bath I still felt the Shea butter hugging my body which was great, especially in the winter with my dry skin. This meant that I didn't have to use as much body moisturizer afterwords.

The Gingeramber soap is really cool! I have it sitting in the bathroom on a soap dish. If you do not have a soap dish I highly recommend one for natural soaps. It helps keep them better. The smell of ginger was definitely there. After washing my hands with it I didn't feel waxy like some natural soaps make you feel, but rather smooth. 

The Aloe Vera was in scent Girly Girl, which is cotton candy, lemon drops and caramel, while I caught a scent of cotton candy, there really wasn't much else. However my boyfriend swears it smells like a fragrance that I have, he's not quite sure yet but if he can remember I will let you know.  I find the scent very pleasant regardless. After using it there was a somewhat greasy feeling at first but then the Shea butter and aloe vera set in and moisturized my hands.

Overall my impression of Kristine's Shower is fantastic! I am going to be buying from her, it's just deciding on what to buy. You can buy from her website, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter!

What would you like to try from her shop?

I received above products to review. All opinions are my own and honest.
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  1. What a fun place!! I need to check her out and she has the cutest name too. I love anything with bath products