January 17, 2012

He's 38 weeks already?

As always this morning I check my e-mail and was reminded by TheBump.com that my baby boy is 38 weeks old. People this is getting really close to 41 weeks, which means that soon he will be outside me longer than he was inside. I know many mothers' pay attention to the day when their child has finally been out of them longer than they were inside that warm protection that we were able to provide.

To me the date is surreal. Filled with happiness and also worry. I knew that he was safe and no one could hurt him. Now I watch him crawl around, grab things and pull himself up to stand. You can often catch me staring with the look of , please be careful baby, but I do my best not to run over when he falls and seems okay. 

He seems to get more intelligent every day to my amazement. I am just watching him learn things every day and many times he just teaches himself how to do things. Korey I can only hope that you continue with this fondness of finding things out on your own and doing things your way. Having the desire to learn was something that I prayed for you. I love my smart little cheesy monkey boy. Mommy is so proud of you!

I'll leave you with a video I took the other day. Korey and the word no.

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  1. Amazing how fast kids grow. Yes, they are so smart.


  2. Watching them learn is one of my favorite parts of parenting!
    You have a cutie! <3

  3. I can hardly believe my daughter is 15 months old. It's crazy how fast they grow!