December 17, 2011

The Grinch Who Stole My Diaper Bag

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were doing ALOT of holiday shopping with the baby. We went to K-mart, got tattoos for charity and went to Target before we went home. Well I'm sure everyone knows how tiring it can get spending ALL day shopping with a baby. Our heads weren't in the right state of mind and we left the diaper bag at the bottom of the cart.

30 minutes later we were home and then we freaked out. About an hour later my boyfriend came back home crying. Someone stole the diaper bag. They didn't turn it in or anything and the cart person had just started doing carts. He checked everything and everywhere and it's gone.

Oh we cried for hours and then hours later we cried again. I just spent an hour packing the diaper bag that day. I filled it with his toys and new clothes, here I go crying again. We JUST BOUGHT a whole bunch of new clothes and toys and I put them in it. I blame myself for all that stuff we lost.

I think as a blogger people assume that I am making a lot of money. Well that's just not true. The only money I have made is from SocialSpark and I am saving that money to pay off Paypal the $68 that I owe them. Other than that I only receive products. Way to make me feel like a failure as a mother.

I don't have any solid source of income to make up for everything lost. My boyfriend barely makes enough to cover the roof over our head. Why would someone steal from a baby? There was NOTHING in there but diapers and toys and clothes, bottles and food and more.

We just bought a package of diapers, yup we only have one, and I filled most of it in the diaper bag. I really don't think as parents we can feel any worse than we do right now. Now we have to try and find some way to make money and make this up to our son.

Thank you to the Grinch who stole my diaper bag. You succeeded in making us feel horrible.

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  1. That is plain awful, I feel so badly for you! You know, MOST people are very good souls at heart, but it's those few rotten apples that make things so difficult for the rest of us.

    I don't know if the following would be of any help to you or not, but if you DO have any type of church, charity organization, etc in your area - you might contact them and explain your situation. It's possible they could help make up for your loss. Maybe if you contact the store mgr where your bag was taken then THEY could offer to help you replace some of the items? You never know til you ask.

    Anyway, I'm sure you're a wonderful mom so don't go beating yourself up over this. Unfortunately, things just happen sometimes.

    Give the baby and boyfriend all the love & laughter you can - because that is something NO ONE can ever steal from you.

    And I hope & pray that better things come your way soon ~