November 9, 2011

Lash Card [Review & Giveaway]

Anyone who has been a follower from the beginning knows that I started off as a beauty blogger. I love my makeup, it is my second child now. When applying makeup these days I don't have much time with a 6 month old yelling/talking to me and demanding that he needs something. Lets just say that I have learned to be quick when applying certain products. However mascara has always been difficult for me.

Usually I will get parts of the product underneath my lower lashes or even on my eyeshadow. You too? Well lets  solve that problem together! Lash Card  helps protect your makeup while you are applying your mascara. It comes as a disposable little card that is individual wrapped, so that it is easy to take on the go. Curl your lashes first and then choose which arch fits you best!

I went ahead and made my own video of me using the product. When I am making a video I know people will be seeing and I do not have a script I tend to do funny things. Ignore my weirdness and meet your new best friend!

The best part of this product for me is the fact that I can now put mascara on my bottom lashes without being afraid! I hated those marks all over my eyes, now those are gone with my protector! Here is the good news...

4 readers will win a pack of Lash Cards! Yes I did say 4! Please complete the mandatory entry before any others.


  1. I learned that they are designed to fit a variety of eye shapes

  2. This sounds very neat. I have never heard about these and it sparked my interest. THanks!

  3. I learned that they help prevent mascara from clumping.

  4. I love that it keeps smudges off your eyelids!

    Christyn Mckenna

  5. It helps prevent clumping and smudging...both annoying things when they happen.

  6. I learned the cards have 2 curves for an ideal fit!