October 24, 2011

Blast From The Past: Poetry

I use to write poetry when I was younger. A lot of poetry. I really am not the type of person to sit and talk to anyone about my feelings, I don't trust anyone or think anyone really cares to hear about my true feelings. That is why I started writing poetry when I was younger. I just had a lot going on and not letting it out some way was not an option. However I was thinking that I could revisit what I wrote and share some of it. Maybe I will share what they mean too. Not a lot of them actually have titles either. But here we go.

Try as I might I can't open my eyes at night

because the truth burns

telling stories of a fragile princess

who can enver learn

that sometimes it hurts to be yourself

when the lies can't cover up anymore

she screams of times when she was betrayed

and shuts her heart in a door

holding her heart to protect it from love

because his fingers can still be felt

she tries so hard to be someone else

cause it hurts to be herself-5/20/04


Social unexceptable

dont speak or suggest

anything you think

because you are a robot

controlled by mankind

kicked and torn

bruises last till scars heal

because love in an unkind thing

fall asleep to cries of terror

never felt anything

emotionless piece of sh*t

seems what I have become

a silent piece of nothing

thanks to all my "friends".-1/7/03 
*I was 15 when I wrote this. I had a really really bad childhood, as you can tell.


When you lose someone you love

and never say good-bye

do they know you really care

and meant all those tears you cried

When you heart is broken

and all that love is taken away

do you ever begin to wonder

why they couldn't stay

When life seems so perfect

yet everything goes wrong

you still have the courage

to put your head up and live on- 8/26/00
*I cannot believe at 12 that I would write something like this. I'm really not sure what sparked this one.

Well that's some of my poetry. A lot of it I cannot share, at least not until I go into my past a little more and explain exactly why I would write those things. That will be another post. I really want my readers to get to know me. In a way I think that will help me know me.

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