September 12, 2011

Zoya's Cynthia a Hot Navy Color for the Cool Fall Collection

This was one of the three polishes that I ordered when they offered one free. This comes from the Mirrors line of the fall collection, there is also a Smoke line available. If you do not know who Zoya is then I'm ashamed.. haha but they are an amazing company in the USA who produces their polishes THEMSELVES. Way to blow your mind huh?

They are formaldehyde, toluene, camphor & dibutyl phthalate free nail colors! The colors are ALWAYS amazing quality. Not only do I like love their colors I also swear by the nail polish remover. It is the BEST one that I found for removing glitters.

When you order you will receive their catalog of colors to drool over and usually you will get a few swatches on "spoons" to see some of their other color collections. Order now while you have money! Love them.

Here is Cynthia, a really cool navy color that is very dark but beautiful for fall. As always I have to put my no-bite over it. Sorry for the messy nails, no time to clean them up when a baby is yelling at you.

Have you picked up anything from the new line?


  1. LOve the richness of the color!
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  2. I went crazy and tried a new color this week - Silver :)


  3. Love the color of the polish. I found you via the blog hop.

  4. I LOVE nail polish. It's great to be able to choose a new color for every mood and style.

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  5. What a great fall color!

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  7. What is more to say here? Nice color. ;) I have stumbled You, pls stumble back: cats with laptops ;)