September 24, 2011

Video Game Preorder: Gears of War 3 Epic Edition

My boyfriend is a video game addict loving series like Gears of War, Halo, Rock Band, Left For Dead, Bioshock and more. With these video games comes preorders, which is a must if you really want to show your dedication. Usually you have different tiers of the preorder to chose from that will come with collector items. Gears of War 3 Epic Edition is what he chose and it game with the following.

  • Limited Edition Marcus Fenix Statue
  • The Art and Design of Gears of War by Tom Bissell
  • Exclusive Downloadable Content
  • The Gears of War 3 Limited Edition
All of this for the price of $149.99. Yeah serious video game addict. He only actually paid $59.99 because he had a ton of trade in games.

Here is the box next to my adorable four month old. Is it just me, and the show Up All Night, but does your baby make you want to swear with how adorable they are. Just to cute not to use a couple cuss words. This is not the first box this big that I have seen for a video game. Like those coupons? Always cutting them.

 When you first opened the box. He was getting really excited at this point.

This is the COG award and book. The COG award is actually pretty heavy. Book is loaded with tons of pictures and includes information about all three of the games.

The statue! I loved posing this next to the baby. He was sooo fascinated by it and couldn't stop touching it.

The cardboard background that was around it. Is it suppose to be used and kept? I dont know the boyfriend used it once and then just put it away.

Hello chins! Aww he's to cute. This is one of the bigger statues that I have seen in a preorder.

Stupid flash. I finally figured out how to fix this but not really wanting to take more pictures of this. Sorry.

Gun that comes with it and goes in his hands.

 The game case!

The game and everything that was inside of it.

 Will from Marcus's Dad, pictures also.

More papers and the back of the photos.

The flag. We are both disappointed with this because we thought it would be ALOT bigger.

And here he is in all his glory.

Do you have a man or boy that is obsessed with video games? Are there are specific series they love?


    1. Oh my goodness, the pic of the lil baby so darling- I'm glad I found this blog!

      Russo @

    2. Hi there! I'm Angie.. nice meeting you!

      I'm following you from the hop from Relexions..

      I have no boys addicted to video games.. but adddicted to Transformers Action Figures.. and Thudercats, Batman and Saint Seiya... He has around 300 of all together..
      But its ok at least he is not addicted to drugs..

      So if you can stop by my blog to return the love.. that would be awesome!