September 7, 2011

Take a Step Back and be Very Thankful

Where I am from I seen girls get pregnant in middle school all the time and pass their babies off to their parents or grandparents. I've been these people later in their lives and they have more kids but they still don't care of them. This really erks me.

The problem I have with this is the fact that I know many people who cannot have kids. One of them was a best friend I had throughout middle and high school. She babysits children all the time and use to work at a day care. Seeing her hold my son brought tears to my eyes because I know she wants to have her own but she can't.

I thought to myself how would I be if I didn't have my son, or what would happen if I would have lost him. Overly emotionally doesn't even begin to describe me. Thinking those things has brought me so many tears. So why don't you don't thinking about it silly? Here is why I don't stop thinking about it.

Because being a parent at a young age is very hard. It's tough to completely change your mentally and really make yourself an adult. I think those things so I know how lucky I am. I am able to hold my son every day, I get to go into bed and fall asleep next to him and wake up in the morning to a BIG smile...and maybe a couple smacks as well.

I have seen far to many parents not be thankful for the fact that they can hold their baby, or even have a child for that matter. It hurts to see these people who deserve to be a parent but it's not in the cards for them, yet quite a few people who don't need to be parents are able to.

When my friend's child was born prematurely it was horrible to go through. My boyfriend cried as soon as he saw her daughter, he was so afraid to touch her because he was so tiny. He had no words except "she doesn't deserve this". Along side my friend's child was a baby trying to come off so many drugs that his mommy pumped into his system. She only came once to see if his father came with his girlfriend, who also only came once. This baby's parents NEVER held it, never talked to it, they just NEVER CARED.

I still cry for that poor child, I am really hope he was able to find love. All I want is for parents to be thankful and understand how much of a blessing it really is to be able to have your child. Love that child, hold that child, kiss that child until they are an adult. NEVER forget that you are so lucky.

For Robayn and Genia, I love you too so much!


  1. Great post- I am stopping by on the Midweek Hopaling and am following you via Facebook, Twitter & GFC! :)


  2. I agree!! It is sad to see sometimes those kids who are clearly not loved or cared about. It makes me even MORE thankful to have my kids with me all the time.