September 18, 2011

Mommy is Lusting After & Apologies

First I am sorry if you havn't gotten a comment from me if you came here from a hop. I have done the following and visiting sites for Alexa, etc. The baby has been a little cranky lately so I still have not gotten back to all the commenting!

This lusting will feauture beauty products!

1. 12 Signma Brush Kit - Make Me Blush -  in Coral

2.Night Health by Origins
3. Ultra Balm by Lush

4. You Rebel Lite by Benefit
5.Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer by MAC

 Anything out there you are lusting for?


  1. I love any and all MAC products - but especially my concealer. I use liquid (paste, really) in tubes and I love it!


  2. That brush set is so pretty!

    Lately, I'm lusting after boots and booties galore! I've been doing lots of online browsing and I want them all!! lol

    I found you through the Monday Mingle blog hop! =)