September 22, 2011

BlogHer 2012, This Mommy Is Thinking About It

Alright I seen some people posting awhile ago about BlogHer upcoming and I went to check out where it will be held. In NYC, so it's the same state and for some reason I just started to really really think about it. Talked it over with the boyfriend and he said if I really want to then I can. However I can't pay for it, and I know NOTHING about sponsorships. This is where I am hoping you come into play to answer a few questions that are floating around, or at least point me in the direction.

What comes along with sponsorship?
Can I get more than one sponsorship?
What should I try to cover myself for in the sponsorship?
Is it even possible for a one year blogger to even get someone to want to sponsor?

I really love doing this, and I want to learn more from people who know better. This conference seems like it could really help me. I'm just clueless. Have you attended before while being sponsored? Have you attended at all? Pretty much anything you have to say about BlogHer conferences I am ALL ears!

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