September 14, 2011

Amazing sign up still available. Connect yourself to brands!

Do you want to connect directly to brands and gain exposure to your blog?? Sign up for a brand new site opening soon Please if you sign up let them know I sent you! I am really excited for the opening of this site and can't wait to host some great giveaways from some of the brands! The best part of this is that ANY blogger can sign up!


  1. Thank you so much for this info, i will sign up right away. And i also want to thank you for visiting my blog, i really appreciate and i look forward being part of your blog.

  2. Your welcome May! I can't wait to see more posts from you as well.

  3. Hello :) I found your blog through the Midweek Blog Hopalong and followed GFC.

    I'm a super new blogger and have quite a bit to learn, so my page isn't up to par yet, haha. I'm getting there though! I will definitely be checking out this site. Thanks for the info!

    PS. I love your layout!

  4. hiya – found ya via the Thursday blog hop – newest follower – come by and say hi and follow back if ya like!
    misadventures of a chunky goddess

  5. Hi there! Found you through the Thursday Blog Hop. Just wanted you to know I checked this out, did the initial sign up and listed you as my referrer! Hope you can follow me back at!