August 19, 2011

Walmart trip and a birthday!

Last night before we went back home we stopped at Walmart to get dinner.  We can never leave Walmart without someone's Daddy buying him at least 2 toys! So here is what we picked up for the baby at Walmart.
There's the loot all together!
A press & go Croc from Fisher Price, his tail moves and he chomps away as he ZOOMS across the floor! The cat's do not like this as much.

This thing is awesome! A little lights & music toy by Bright Starts. Korey LOVES this so far. He grabs one of the handles and it has three different modes, plays sound effects, music, and animal noises! He loves the different textures of the handles and watching the light on top change different colors. If your baby is just starting to grab things and hold them I suggest trying this item to give them a little more play.

These Garanimals keys are quite heavy, it worried me a little bit, but that seems to help Korey hold onto them better. He loves the different colors especially loves the elephant!

And onto the birthday boy! Today is Daddy's birthday! Turning the big 2-6.  I have a Friendlys Resses cake for him and he has lots o money to spend :) I LOVE YOU hunny thank you for giving me an amazing 5 years so far and a beautiful baby boy.


  1. Well enjoy the next few months :) Stopping to Friday Follow. Hope you can visit my place and return the favor soon.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by today. I came right over and am following you back on GFC, Facebook and Twitter. I think FB said I was number 7! Keep hanging in with the blog hops, especially the weekend ones and your numbers will go up in no time. I just started about 7 months ago and really did not try very hard at first. I mainly started the blog to enter contests for the extra entries like getting buttons and posting. Then the review bug hit me and then I found out for the really good stuff they want high numbers so here I am busting my you know what! But not too hard because I want it to be fun and once it is not fun, then things aren't good! Anyway, if you are steady with the hops, they will follow you back and it will happen pretty quick! So, hang in there. Have a great weekend.


  3. @Mary
    Thank you so much for that support! It's good to hear that it really can only get better as long as I put my effort into it.

  4. How cute! You are lucky you can afford to buy the "extras" like toys! :) Sounds like you had fun at Walmart! We love shopping at walmart too!