August 25, 2011

MMM Cookie Dough Flurry *Picture heavy*

We met my Grandfather and Mother up the street at Watts Farms about an hour ago. Here are some pictures that I took.

These were the biggest bunnies I have ever seen^^!!! They were digging holes trying to get out.

 First these three goats came out.. then...............
 EVERYONE CAME OUT! So many of that "herd" I couldn't believe it.

 The goat licked him. It was cute. We didn't bring any quarters to feed them pellets :( But I scratched each one that would let me.
 Our Little Hippie baby :)

 His head was stuck for a few seconds!

That goat on the left is kicking a HUGE pig out of it's spot so it can lay down. It was funny. We are going back next week because Daddy is picking up some organic beef from them and I want their HOME MADE SOAPS! I seen a few things I am going to try to pick up and giveaway!


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  3. looks like s fun time.
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