August 31, 2011

Let's Get Personal: No More Rolls Please!

So I thought I would add another series to my blog.  A post where you can get to know me, the chick behind the keyboard. In case you haven't seen any pictures of me around here is what I have, not a lot of recent ones.

This is THE cheesiest smile I ever had. This is Trip Lee from Dope/Twisted Method. I love him. haha.
 Seeing pictures of me really upsets me. My son is 4 months old and I have barely any pictures of me with him because I am embarrassed at how I look.  I weigh more than I ever thought I could and I have been slowly trying to change that. 

I noticed while I was pregnant how everyone told me that my body would never be the same.  Boy were they right.  That 'mommy pooch' that everyone talks about is so real.  It's so much harder with having the baby now to find the time to try and do something.  I want to be healthier for me, him and his father.

I've been beating myself up a lot lately about it. Trying to figure out more ways to put healthy things into my life.  Finding DVDs or shows on TV, buying better food, learning new recipies (thinking about adding them?), whatever I can to just change.  I want to have pictures of my son and me, a happy mommy with out so many rolls.


  1. Good luck, you can do it! I finally managed to lose the baby weight after my 3rd but even though I am in the same clothes from before the babies, they fit differently and I still have my mommy belly. I need to be better about accepting it.

    I am a new follower from the Friday Blog Hop at Mama to 4 Blessings. If you have a chance, stop by and say hi!


  2. Awh, this post kind of makes me sad. Rolls or not, you'll still be beautiful! However, I too am in need of some healthy changes, so I know how you feel.
    P.S. Whoa, that guy is gorgeoussss!