June 23, 2011

Issues with latching? The First Years Breastflow bottles review

I had issues with Chunky latching at first, he just wouldn't seem to open his mouth wide enough.  I cried many nights the first week and thought about giving up breastfeeding but I knew that there must be a way to overcome this hurdle, and I was right.  At the start of my pregnancy I picked up two bottles that were on sale at Target, Breastflow was the name and I figured when I started to introduce a bottle that this might help.

These bottles were the life saver for my sore nipples and my hungry son. This bottle contains two nipples which requires the child to both suck and apply pressure, just as they would with a breast. The wide shape after the nipple is what allowed my son to start opening his mouth wider and make our feedings so much easier. I am so greatful for this product, I believe this is the sole reason I am able to still breastfeed which is wonderful.

I purchased this product on my own and all opinions are my honest and true feelings. I provided the review on my own discretion.

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