May 28, 2011

Sleep schedule and coffee update!

Lately I have been having myself and my son sleep while his father is home.  His daddy works from 1am to around 6am and then he comes home and I try to get baby to sleep from this time til when we wake up, usually between 3pm or 5pm. This I have begun to realize is a bad idea, even though I LOVE sleeping with my boyfriend , theres nothing better than cuddling.  I am not allowing my child to really understand the night and day difference, so today I'm going to try and have him up more during the day and try for 8pm to lay him down.

Now onto the coffee!  My WONDERFUL boyfriend bought me the reusable k-cup to make any kind of coffee I want.  Let me tell you this is amazing, however trying to get the thing installed pissed us both off.  I tried this while the little Chunker was cranky, he wanted food, mommy wanted coffee, and Daddy just stood next to me holding a crying baby.  They have you squeeze these two sides together that require the smallest fingers to insert and also need a lot of pressure, while you push up with the other hand to take out the device that takes regular K-cups and replace that with the resuseable K-cup to make your own coffee.  Needless to say 30 minutes later I had coffee and Chunky was fed.  Not looking forward to switching this back and forth when I have K-cups I want to use.

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