November 7, 2010

Hit by a Drunk Driver

I cannot begin to even type this without tears in my eyes. So thankful that, for now, everything with the baby is fine. We were hit at 2am by a drunk driver, they also found 2 bags of marijuana in his vehicle. If I was sitting where I normally was I would have probably been more injured but thankfully I was all the way in the back. The impact happened at the front of the vehicle, we were turning onto a road and at the time he was on his side of the road, as soon as we turned he was in our lane and there was nothing by boyfriend could do but try and swerve. The nerve of this asshole to say that we were in his lane and to try and lie to the cops, I was just so upset. My boyfriend had to knock on doors because we didnt have a cell phone on us at the time. Thankfully someone did answer, a mother, son and father. I will be sending them a thank you note and three flowers. I know its just a simple gesture as answering your door and letting us use your phone, but that guy could have hidden his drugs in the process it would have taken to try and get someone to answer. Calling the insurance company is not something I look forward to again, as this is our second accident in a year, but not our fault this time. Hopefully everything will be fine with the vehicle or that we will be able to get a new one quickly.


  1. OMG!! I am glad you 3 are ok!!!! XX

  2. Glad everyone turned out okay! My bf and I also got hit this year when I was 19 weeks along. But thankfully everythng was okay, had horrble cramps but it was only bc of the belt buckle. The guy that hit us wasnt drunk or anything. He was just an a******!