October 26, 2010


By now I'm sure everyone has heard of Sephora's Friends and Family Sale. I have been working my butt off to get myself some extra cash for this and the boyfriend has been kind enough to donate me some money as well. This sale will be the first BIG haul that I have ever had from them. In going back and looking what I got them I sort of chuckled, very very few items every time I ordered, why on earth did I pay that ridiculous S&H charge and not just order more. Oh well I'll never know I guess. Here are the items I have picked up in the past from Sephora.

Sephora's black nail polish. Why did I get this when I own at least two other kinds of black
nail polish. This is definitely not my favorite either, it goes on very light and the brush is just
to small for me like.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pure Pigment No. 16. Worst purchase ever, ever. Just did not work and was way to light on me and looked like garbage. My blue cream eyeshadow from Morbid was much better than this. I was highly disappointed.

I also bought a few items from the Piiink collection from Sephora. Those photos are no longer available sorry, but I bought the Kohl liner, the kiss set in Beige and a Diamond Gloss. The only thing I liked was two of the colors out of the kiss set. Very bad choice in buying those things. The sun collection was another one that I picked up last summer. I really got it because the bag was so cute, but I loved pretty much all the products and wish I would have bought another one this summer. I still have a lot of the products and use them almost every day.

Now that I have reviewed what I bought, I'm hoping I don't make any mistakes with this next purchase. I will be posting some of the things I have my eye on for the next one, stay tuned!

What was your best purchase from Sephora? What left you completely disappointed when you tried it?

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