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We love to work with PR and self own businesses here at Living Off Love and Coffee. We specialize in posting about makeup, handmade items, baby products and family items. Organic and eco-friendly items are also great, we love cloth diapers/wipes! Books are huge in both families, not just for the babies but the parents as well. There is an amazing cook/baker in Ashleigh's home who can use your food product and come up with his own recipe or use yours. Together we are consisted of ages 24-28 including our boyfriends, however we have many family members that we can utilize if your product does not fit us exactly, that includes children as well. We can host a part for your product line as well we just need a notice a month ahead to get everyone together.

Alicia has a baby girl, Savannah born March 18th. She is able to review clothes, beauty items , food items and more

Ashleigh has a son who was born April 26th. . He is very advanced for his age and can use toys for ages 0-36, and is walking!

Advertising space is available! We are willing to feature you on our sidebar for a fee, please contact us for pricing. There are many options available!

Review and Giveaway Policies:

Reviews in exchange for items are no charges. Please contact me for the latest sponsored posts and website review charges.

We can do a review or a review and giveaway.When reviewing your product it must be non-returnable and we would prefer to have a full size product. . We always like to include your website in the giveaway as well as Facebook and Twitter. Your giveaway is advertised to our Twitter followers, our Facebook page as well as spread across to other blogs.

The length of the giveaway is up to you as we prefer you to send out the product, usually lasting between 1-3 weeks is best. If we are required to mail it there will be a fee of $10 for the giveaway to cover shipping costs.

Please contact for advertisement rates! I offer discounts on packages.
Please email for more information.

125×125: $30 monthly or $75 for 3 months
125×250: $40 monthly or $100 for 3 months
250×250: $60 monthly or $135 for 3 months

These would be listed in the sidebar of the blog, right with our active giveaways and bring lots of engagement from our readers to you.

Other Forms of Advertising
We also offer sponsors for monthly advertising with posts on the blog a well as spreading the word about your products and brand through Twitter,Facebook and Google +. We are affiliated with many different blog groups to help get other readers engaged as well. Please contact on individual pricing and specifics.

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